Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ridiculous New York Haul - Part 1

Yes, it is ridiculous. It's way too much nail polish. I'm almost ashamed of all of it. Almost. I'm also kinda happy about all the pretties. I'm going to do these in two groups: polish I purchased and polish I received as a gift. I'm also going to do a couple of other blog posts of other things that I got (such as Christmas presents and jewelry that I purchased).

On to the polish! *WARNING! Lots of pictures! Which I love but some people might not!*

These are the ones that I purchased myself:

Venique Rolling Tides (gift from my friend Gina) and Mistletoe Bliss

 Pure Ice Temptress, Blue Midnight and Poker Face

Elevation Polish Rapa Nui, Toubkal and Catch a Wave
Lynderella The Stars in Her Eyes

Red Dog Designs The Doctor (gift from my friend Gina)
Dandy Nails Cashmere Night and Bathed in Light
Darling Diva Polish Dangerous Driver and A Christmas Story

OPI Get Your Number, Stay the Night, On Her Majesty's Secret Service
and Pepe's Purple Passion

 Illamasqua Cameo, Aorta (without a rubber lid, although it's a rubber finish polish), 
Noble, Prosperity, Serenity and Nurture

Julie Under Mistletoe, Maybelline Lavender Sparks,
Milani Cyberspace and Funky Fingers Mermaid Lagoon

Sephora Pantone Universe 2012 set

This next group of polishes from my very generous friends and family!! 

 These are from my husband, Gary
Nicole by OPI Sweet Dreams, Sinful Purple Diamond
Sinful Superstar and Nicole by OPI Love Song

These are from my cousin, Gaby.
Cirque Lapis and Galinda

 Dior New World Purple from my friend Sheila at Pointless Cafe
Dior Diva from my friend Tina

These are from my friend, Ana.
Whimsical Ideas by Pam I ♥ NY
China Glaze Glitter Goblin and Color Club Port-folio

These are also from my friend, Ana.
Sinful Secret Admirers, Fig and Nova

These are from my sister, Michelle, at Classically Absurd Photography
Kleancolor Luscious Lilac, Beach Blue and Melon Green
and Wild and Crazy Superstar

These are also from my sister, Michelle, at Classically Absurd Photography
Sinful What's Your Name, Lets Talk, See You Soon, HD Nails and Daddy's Girl

These are also from my sister, Michelle, at Classically Absurd Photography
Sinful MINIS! Never seen these before (and the big one there for perspective)
Sugar Sugar, Love Nails, San Francisco, Canary Yellow, Lets Talk and Fire Red
PS It looks like she used some of these before she gave them to me. Rude.

These next ones are from my friend, Gina, at Red Dog Designs
We did a secret santa swap in a group I'm a part of and these are
the amazing polishes she sent me (along with a bunch of other amazing goodies!)
She knitted these little hats and scarves herself. How super adorable are they?!?!

Chirality Cu2+, Zoya Aurora, Red Dog Designs The Doctor (same one as above)
and Zoya Blaze

 China Glaze Atlantis and Glitter Goblin
Sinful Blue By You, Rise and Shine and Mint Apple

I can't say Thank You enough for all the beautiful polishes that I recieved as presents. I am so spoiled. I just wanted to also say I'm pretty sure I put all the polishes with the right names but I'm not 100% sure. I'm sorry if I messed up but I never wrote down who sent me what and it's hard to remember after a few weeks. I also think I accidentally left some at my mom's house, so if there's something that's not pictured, it's because I'm a little absentminded :) Tomorrow I'll be posting about all the makeup and miscellaneous presents I got!


  1. Hahahaha this really is ridiculous!! But its so wonderful!!!
    And it kinda makes me regret I wasn't ready with my lil Christmas present on time, but I will send it at some point ;-)

  2. Amazing haul I just wish you had been feeling better during your trip

  3. Awesome!!! Those minis Sinfuls are so freakin' cute.