Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New York 2013 Nail Polish Haul

It's been a week since I left New York. After recovering from jet lag and a cold, I finally got up in time to catch the sun and take some pictures of the polish I brought back with me! Even as I type this, the sun has completely disappeared, so I was pretty lucky to get up when I did! I tried to be really selective about what I purchased since I won't be able to resell them from the UK. So, this first group of polishes are ones that I've left at my parent's house (either because they are pink - I don't really like pink - or because they were similar to ones I already have) and the second group are polishes that I brought back with me.

Polishes in NY
I don't have the names of these because
I took the pictures and didn't write the names down

From my friend, Tina

Rimmel (from Tina), OPI (from Gina) and I purchased the Maybelline

From Tina

From Tina

From my sister, Michelle

From my sister, Michelle

Polishes that I brought back with me

Muztagh Ata (from Sheila), Mount Cangyan (from Ashley), 
Azure Caverns, Epidote, Darkest Storm

Uva and Pizarra (from SH Tan)

Magnum Opus and Mink (from Michelle)

Gothiqua, Boudicca (from Tina), Swarm (from Tina) and Dedicate

A Little Fishy Told Me and Vampires Suck

Passion Shift and Flibberti-Gibbet

Blood of the Mountain, Olea Europaea and Harlequin Doll

Petra and Minuit (which was my first purchase at Duty Free)

Tank Tops & Flip Flops (from Tina), enJOYmint and Forget You Not

Embellished Blues, If You've Got It Haunt It, 
Lots of Lux (from Gary) and Purple Confetti (from Tina)

Lucciole and Reveillon

Color Club Art Club polishes

Wicked Trio!!!

All of Time and Space (from Gina)

 And my first polish purchase back in the UK

Zodiac and Blackheart

I've used several of these already and so far, I've loved them all!