Friday, 2 December 2016

Indie Spotlight: Paint Box Polish

I'm going to be participating in an Indie Spotlight, which will be a monthly post showing some love for favorite indie brands. This month, we're featuring Paint Box Polish. Pam makes some of my favorite polishes ever. I LOVE her holographic glitters! They have the best and longest lasting formula around. I also really, really love her cuticle oil brush pens! With this post, I'll show you a polish I haven't posted previously and some of my favorite manicures I've done with PBP.

Haleiwa Town

Waimea Waters with a matte top coat

Winter Is Coming with squiggly swirls

 Urban Decay Cosmetics Mrs Mia Wallace with The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors,
 Much More Muchier (Dracarys is pretty much the same color), Gold Shall Be Their Crowns, 
A Dragon Is Not A Slave & Poppin Bubbles

Fizzing Whizbees, Acid Pops, Sugar Spun Quills and The Knight Bus with a matte top coat

Much More Muchier

A Dragon Is Not a Slave

Much More Muchier, A Dragon Is Not A Slave, 
Fight the Fairies and Love's Keen Sting with matte top coat

The Westerosi Collection and then put a thick coat of
 Illamasqua Boosh over that and engraved some imprecise lines

The Westerosi Collection.