Friday, 31 May 2013

Illamasqua Venous and NailVenturous Lacquer Rainbow Fish

Sorry for not posting a lot lately. I spent nearly 3 weeks cleaning my house before my BFF, Oriana, came over from NY for a visit. She was here for 10 days and we went to Wales. Here's some of my favorite pictures from there!

Sunset in Llandudno on May 22nd.

Street in Caernarfon 

Conwy Castle 

Church in Betws-y-Coed 

Sunset on Lake Bala on May 25th.

I took a LOT of pictures. It was really hard to pick out just a few to show here!

Anyway, on to the mani! This is Illamasqua Venous with NailVenturous Lacquer Rainbow Fish. Here's a sorta blurry picture of Venous with Flash. The following night I put on Rainbow Fish and I LOVE it!

with flash.

Illamasqua can be purchased at their site or at Sephora in the states. NVL can't be purchased any more except in some auctions and groups on Facebook.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Lupus Awareness Day - Illamasqua Seance

Today we're wearing purple for Lupus Awareness Day. Lupus is an auto-immune disease that affects 6 million people worldwide. 9/10 of of people affected are women. Here is a document with some facts that my friend, Michelle, wrote up. It's really informative and it's well worth a read!

I have my newest purple polish, Illamasqua Seance. It's a pretty berry type purple that has a silver shimmer. It actually glows under a UV light but I don't have a UV light, so I can't demonstrate that effect for you!

My friend, Laurie (who is obsessed with suede mattes!) from Dressed Up Digits, thought this would look really good as a matte. It's semi-matte without a top coat, so I just added a thin layer of Seance over my existing mani and also added a matte top coat over another nail.

in the sun.

No top coat on pointer.
Matte top coat on middle.
Regular top coat on ring.

with flash.

I really love this. I couldn't quite capture the color of this, it's more pink than this but I love it anyway. This can currently be purchased at the Illamasqua site and at a few other places in the UK. Hopefully it will be available soon at Sephora in the US.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Dandy Nails Perspective

Today I have a very special polish for you! This is a custom made polish for Sheila over at Pointless Cafe. It's made by the amazing Sandy over at Dandy Nails! Whenever I see a polish that's this berry color, I immediately think of Sheila. This one has the added bonus of blue shimmer and micro flecks! It's gorgeous!

How beautiful is this??? I couldn't stop staring at it!!! The wear was pretty good on it, I believe I had it on for 4 days. This is a LE polish and not available in the shop. Here is Sheila's post about this polish. Her swatches are 10 times better than mine, so definitely go check them out. Dandy Nails is available at her etsy shop. Here is her Facebook page! Go like it for updates and new releases! And here is Sheila's Facebook page!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tiffany Blue Comparison

For a long time, I was obsessed for finding a dupe for Chanel Nouvelle Vague because I didn't think I'd ever get my hands on it since it sells for crazy prices on ebay. The closest dupe I have is Mavala Lagoon but the color is kinda murky and I wasn't too impressed by it but accepted it as I wasn't paying the price for NV. Then, as if by magic, I received NV in the mail as a birthday present from an amazing group of friends. I won't list them all but they know who they are! I was shocked and amazed and overwhelmed and I love it long time. I wore it as my birthday mani (March 15th) and I put it on my toes for a while and it was everything I wanted it to be. But I kept wanting to do a comparison. I got H&M Norwegian Sky from Ashley as Smashley Sparkles as a belated birthday present and my friend, Marissa, sent me Julie G Shark's Cove as well and I knew it was time for the comparison! Here are the polishes I used:

Illamasqua Nudge, Chanel Nouvelle Vague, Mavala Lagoon,
Julie G Shark's Cove and H&M Norwegian Sky

And here is the comparison (sorry for the sloppy swatches!):

Thumb - Illamasqua Nudge
Pointer - Chanel Nouvelle Vague
Middle - Mavala Lagoon
Ring - Julie G Shark's Cove
Pinky - H&M Norwegian Sky

In my Julie G Shark's Cove post from yesterday, I said
that it was comparable to NV. I think the color is comparable
but obviously the shimmer sets it apart from each other.

Nudge and Norwegian Sky are too pastel to be similar to NV.  Lagoon is probably the closest but it's just that tiny bit different but at £3.50 it's worth it if you want something to satisfy that NV itch and can't afford to pay £75 for it on ebay. Shark's Cove is just beautiful, so if you have any of the others, you still need it.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Julie G Shark's Cove

Today I have for you the amazing Julie G Shark's Cove. This is a beautiful Tiffany type blue with an amazing silvery shimmer. I put this on Saturday because I was in the middle of cleaning and needed something on to protect my nails and thought this would be good and it'd last for a day and I'd just change it on Monday. This picture was taken on WEDNESDAY! This is after 5 days of straightening up rooms, doing dishes, cooking food, sweeping and washing floors, vacuuming, dusting, rearranging... you get the idea. I did a lot of cleaning.  And the only thing in these pictures is a bit of tip wear and a mysterious scratch that appeared on Tuesday. On to the pictures!

See? Amazing! My friend, Marissa, sent me this as a surprise last month. I love it so much! I think it's pretty comparable to Chanel Nouvelle Vague, so I'm going to try to do a comparison to them (and a few others) sometime soon! I believe this is available at Rite Aid in the states, not sure if it's available anywhere else and I've never seen it in the UK.