Thursday, 17 January 2013

OPI Get Your Number

Today I have for you OPI Get Your Number. This is one of the liquid sands that I said were a bad idea and that I love. A lot. So weird of me. This is after 3 days of wear. There were some chips but they're really easy to cover/correct because of the texture of the polish. Just fill in the area that has chipped and you can't even notice that anything was wrong! These pictures are with flash because there has been no sun in England for a couple of days.

This is 4 coats. After 3 I still had VNL, so I definitely needed the 4th coat. So, it's not good for ladies that just like a couple of coats. But it could have just been my application. I used pretty thin coats. But I do love it. I did realize before that the texture is like a pumice stone but I love it anyway.

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