Friday, 26 October 2012

Ice Truck Killer Nails!

First Halloween theme post! If you've been watching the show Dexter from the beginning, you'll remember that in the first season, the Ice Truck Killer (ITK) painted the nails on his victims because his mother had randomly painted nails when she was murdered. I had a real hard time trying to find a picture from the show to see what the actual colors were and it what order they went. There are lots and lots of swatches from blogs claiming that they're ITK nails but they're all different colors and never in the same order. This was the only one I could find from the actual show:

I had to take pictures with a flash because I couldn't get a picture that was actually close to color. These are all Illamasqua colors. The red is Alarm, the yellow is Self, the purple is Jo'Mina, the orange is Gamma and the green is Radium.

*click to enlarge!*

 And with a knife to make it more Dexter like.