Saturday, 27 October 2012

Faux Bloody Cuticles

I've been wanting to do a bloody mani for a while but I've always been put off doing a bloody splatter mani because it looks like it'd be way too much clean up than I want to deal with. I had a thought the other night that maybe I'd thin some dark red polish out and drop it from a height onto my nails to make it look like splatter patterns but again, that seemed like it'd be a lot of clean up so I gave up on that idea. then I thought that maybe doing a half moon and then using a straight pin to make it appear like blood was running down my nails might be easier. It was pretty easy but I don't know how convincing it looks. I used Nails Inc Basil Street as a base (which is very close to my skin tone and one that I just got in a box set and thought I'd NEVER use!) and Illamasqua Scarab (which is the only brown red I have!)

*click to enlarge!*

When I showed my husband last night, he had no idea what I was attempting. He thinks it just looks like it's chipped or unfinished. My mother in law and my father in law didn't know what I was trying to do either. Muggles. I do like the way this has come out, although I wish the dots were more tear drop shaped but I had  no idea how to do that so I just tried some random dots that don't look very random to me. Let me know what you think or send me some links if you have any Halloween manicures!

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