Saturday, 21 July 2012

Rebel Rainbow Fish Blue - Owen is here!

This weekend's collaboration is a kind of spontaneous because my friend Jacki at Adventures in Acetone (go like her Facebook page as well!) had a baby boy on Monday, July 16th! We're welcoming Owen James by painting our nails blue. Because how else would we welcome him? Surely he's going to appreciate this when he's a teenager (yeah, right haha)!!!!! CONGRATS to Jacki, Wes and Hailey (who is going to be a great older sister!)

I've used L'Oreal Rebel Blue with NailVenturous Rainbow Fish gradient tips. When I showed Gary he said "why did you only do the tips and not the whole nail?" And I said that I wanted to be able to see the shimmer in the blue (although it's not very apparent, not sure why, maybe it's the 3 coats of top coat). Gary responded with: "so, is it gradient because you messed it up and went further down than you wanted to?" HOW DARE HE! Of course I did it on purpose and didn't mess it up. I'm awesome like that. *rolls eyes* Anyway, this took many days to capture on camera since we've had nothing but miserable weather here for a week and hardly any sun. This is day three of the mani and it's holding up well on my left hand but not looking too great on my right hand. I think this is mostly because a few of my nails are damaged and peeling.

*click to enlarge!*

L'Oreal polishes can be purchased at Boots and Superdrug (and I'm sure a few other places as well). NailVenturous is another indie brand. Amy has decided she won't be selling publicly any more so, therefore, they're really really difficult to get a hold of. But go like her Facebook page in case she decides to open shop again.


  1. This is such a beautiful color. So annoyng they don't have it here!
    I plan on going to a few other stores who sell L'Oreal and find this one!!
    Love your mani!!