Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cirque Fascination Street

There's a fiery ball in the sky that's hardly ever seen in England (at least this summer) so it's now time to break out the holographic nail polish! Today I have on Fascination Street by Cirque. Cirque is a polish that is handmade in NYC! This is the most beautiful dark purple linear holo that I've seen.

My friend Sheila over at Pointless Cafe sent this to me. Here is her post on Fascination Street. She didn't keep it because there is a scent involved with the polish (because of added oils) and it didn't go away when she wore it. I didn't have this problem. I didn't even notice a different scent with it compared to other polishes and there definitely wasn't a smell for me after application at all either. I guess it really does depend on if you have sensitivity to fragrance.

*click to enlarge!*

Not sure why this picture is rotated this way.
The original isn't and I can't figure out how to rotate here.

Amazing, right?!?! Cirque is available from their site (here's their Facebook page) and from Mei Mei Signatures (which also sells lots of other brands!). Both ship internatioally although I don't know how the Singapore dollar translates to American/Canadian dollars or pounds. 

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