Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Layla Coffee Love

This is the elusive linear brown holo. I really love brown holos but there's hardly any out there! This one is gorgeous but it's a horrible application. This is 4 coats and it's STILL patchy but I don't care one little bit. It's SOOOO beautiful!! We had 3 full days of sun in England! In February! Unheard of! So a lot of us broke out the holo polishes!

I believe there's some sort of preparation emery board that you can get to make application of these a lot easier. If I'd thought about it before I started applying it, I would have used my Nfu Oh Aqua Base but I completely forgot I had it until just this second.

Layla is an Italian brand. In the UK, it can be purchased from Sally Magpies (which is where I got mine from. Check out their FB page for specials and sales). In the US, it can be purchased in store at Ulta. If you want to support independent companies, it can be purchased at Ninja Polish, which also ships worldwide.

1 comment:

  1. It looks GORGEOUS on you!!! And with the lovely sun you actually captured its full glorious in your pics!!! So Beautiful!!!

    However, I don't think I had so many application issues with mine :-( Weird......