Monday 18 June 2012

Another Obsession: Little Lazies

I came across Little Lazies about a month ago and I just absolutely love them. They're cute little monsters made out of polymer clay that are individually made by Leah.

These are my friend Gina's Little Lazies:

General Millie and Minky Do-da!

Peetie-Pie the Mutant!
Love Peetie's horns!!

These are my friend Tina's Little Lazies:

For an extra $1.50 each, you can get hand drawn boxes!!

These are my Little Lazies!!
Lil' Momoo on top of the box
Mr Maurice on the left and Tinki the Timid on the right.


My friend Rhonni's Little Lazies:

Klinkie the Mutant and Frightening Poe!!

See? Adorable! 

Little Lazies can be purchased at her etsy shop (she ships internationally!!). The shop hasn't got much in stock at the moment but all these ones were purchased as randoms. Like Leah's Facebook page to get updates on new stock.

Check out Rhonni's blog at the Polish Ninja and her shop is Ninja Polish

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