Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bourjois 14 with Essence A Lovely Secret

This is Bourjois number 14. This is a 1 second gel nail polish with a silicone texture and it has a fan effect brush for neat nails. You're suppose to be able to paint your nail in 1 second with this special brush. I'm not very great with painting my nails but this is definitely not a 1 second brush, in my opinion. The brush is really thick. It'd be a 1 second brush on my thumb nail and that's about it. My thumb nail is also a lot wider than most other ladies thumbnails, so I don't see how this will work with ladies with small nail beds. It was almost impossible for me NOT to get nail polish on my cuticles on my pinky finger. But saying that, it's a gorgeous glitter polish and worth the hassle. It's a holographic glitter in a rose pink jelly base. The lid even has holo glitter embedded in it! Here's some pictures!! This is Essence A Lovely Secret and Bourjois 14.

Height Comparison
OPI, Bourjois and Zoya

Brush Comparison
OPI, Illamasqua, Dior and Bourjois.

The Bourjois is gorgeous and worth the hassle of dealing with the huge brush. As you can see in the comparison pictures above, this Bourjois bottle (they have several different style bottles) is really really tall. I'm not sure if it'd fit in a Helmer but it certainly won't fit into my storage since OPI and China Glaze don't fit into mine. Looking at the comparison of the brushes, it's the thickest brush I've ever used. I should have put the Illasmasqa brush on the left but it was there to stabilize the other brushes :) Illamasqua's brush is my favorite to work with. OPI is a little thick but is okay. Dior's brush was the thickest one (and a little difficult for me to work with) but Bourjois is definitely the thickest in this line up. Again, not sure how ladies with small and thin nail beds will work with this brush.

I received the Essence and the Bourjois in a swap with Alex from Luxembourg. Essence can't be purchased in the UK but it can be purchased in a lot of other countries in Europe and at Ulta in the states. This Bourjois can be purchased in France at the moment and will be available in the UK in June or July (can't remember which) and will be able to be purchased at Boots and Superdrug and other stores.


  1. Beautiful combination! That Bourjois is just stunning!

  2. So pretty!!! too bad about the brush lol

  3. Funny, I find the Illamasqua brush too small to work with. Although I agree the Dior is way too large.
    I don't have any OPI but I have quite a few essie's and from this pic it seems they have more or less the same brush. Personally, that's the size I prefer.
    As for this color - it looks gorgeous! So I think I might add it to my wish list and one day I might even be able to check it's brush ;-)