Thursday, 1 May 2014

April 2014 Favorites

Wow. I know a lot of people say things like this but HOW is it May already??? Seems like only a couple of weeks ago that I came back from NY but that was over 3 months ago! Today, I have 6 of my favorite polishes from April for you.

*click to englarge!*

On April 1st, I wore Femme Fatale Ruby Hare.

On April 8th, I wore this mani with Cirque Alter Ego and
Too Fancy Lacquer Mistletoe because my niece, Lily, told
me to wear green and black nail polish.

On April 10th, I wore Elevation Polish Aconcagaua.

On April 14th, I wore Northern Star Polish Janus Rising.

On April 18th, I wore Enchanted Polish March 2014.

On April 26th, I wore Sonoma Nail Art Sonoma Sunset 

What are your favorite polishes that you wore this month? I'm favoring indie holos, as you can tell, at the moment. I'm kinda obsessed.


  1. All look fab... a few I also own :) NorthernStar,Elevation,FemmeFetale. kinda cool huh

  2. <3 I am so sad to admit more than half I don't own... but they all look so wonderful on you!!!

    1. You need to have all of these!!! Well, I know you wouldn't get the Enchanted but get the rest. And you know I totally love Giggly ♥