Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dior Lagoon

Today I have for you Dior Lagoon, which is a beautiful blue jelly! I think this is pretty HTF in the USA but you can still get it here in the UK on some sites. It's an amazing application (like almost all Dior) and has a beautiful glossy finish, even without topcoat (although I have applied topcoat here). I do have some tip wear but that's probably down to my impatience and not waiting until it's fully dried. Onto the pictures!


LOVE! The funny this about Dior (and Chanel and any other expensive polish) is that for a long time, you tell yourself that you're not going to buy those polishes because they're so much money. But once you start buying them, you look at prices and think "Actually that's not too bad of a price for that!" And then you realize you've gone a little bit crazy. But a lot of these polishes are totally worth it. If you see a polish that is LE but expensive that you LOVE, just get it. Otherwise, you're looking at ebay, where they are $70 and kicking yourself for not getting it when you could. Saying that, there are some amazing prices on ebay as well, so check that out too! Rant over.

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  1. This is so pretty! And it's all you and LHs faults that I've actually bought my first Dior. I was that person you described in that last paragraph.