Thursday, 8 November 2012

November 8 for No H8 : Eradicate Hate in the Nail Polish Blogger Community

As members of the nail polish blogging community, we all share a love of beauty, color, and lacquer. Other than that, we are remarkably different: from our race to our religion to our hair color...even to our polish application techniques. To marginalize anyone because of those differences is completely unacceptable and today I take a stand against that. I refuse to allow other people's view of "normal" dictate how I behave, believe, and blog.

In solidarity with a multitude of bloggers linked below, my purple manicure represents my proud commitment to the No H8 movement. Today, November 8, I dedicate my post to ending bullying of any kind and to encouraging diversity and imperfection among our colorful community.

I haven't been subjected to any of this bullying and personally I just can't understand what it's all about and why women behave this way. We're all suppose to love nail polish. We're all suppose to be grown-ups but still there's all this drama. I think some people forget that they're actually talking to another human being on the other end of their hate and don't realize or don't care that it's a person with feelings and insecurities. I'm so proud to be part of a group of women that can say they want to stand up to bullies! 

Today I have for you butter London Brummie with Lovely Jubbly over the top. My great friend, Tina, sent this to me. She's a fantastic person and I feel privileged to know her and it's all because of nail polish! I've met so many fantastic women and it makes me really happy!

Please join us and stand up against bullying! Whether in the nail polish community or in your every day life. 


  1. really pretty, thxxx for the support!

  2. Yummy!! It looks gr8!!!
    Btw - I totally agree with you about Tina ;-))