Thursday, 19 April 2012

Koh Black Stars!

The One. The Only. Koh Black Stars! And yes, that exclamation mark is on the label.

Black Stars was my biggest lemming. Probably for 2 years now. I finally started having a serious look around for in a couple of months ago. And after a horrible experience with, I ended up buying it directly for the Koh website. Koh is a pretty expensive Dutch brand and you can purchase directly from them here: Koh Cosmetics Their website is in Dutch, so it's kind of hard to navigate through, but here's a good blog that helps explain some Dutch words and navigate through the site: Witoxicity - Where to buy Koh

Anyway, now on to the pictures! Black Stars is a beautiful polish with micro holographic glitter, flakies and a gold shimmer all in a black polish base. All of the Koh polishes come in a cute little box that reminds me of lipstick boxes that my grandmother used to have when  I was little.

These two pictures aren't very good since the sun has
disappeared and I haven't taken any good pictures before today.

1 coat of Koh Black Stars! over 2 coats Illamasqua Scorn.
Avon Peeling and Brittleness Solver as base
Essie Good to Go as topcoat

Direct sunlight

Indirect sunlight


  1. LOVE IT. Thanks for creating a lemming that's hard to get your hands on! ;)

    1. Sorry Kristine but there is a sorta dupey one that is OPI for Sephora called Sephora-212. I have it and I'll probably do a comparison soon :)