Tuesday 19 September 2017

Jewelry Haul

Hello everyone! I haven't posted on here in a few months but I thought I'd post this jewelry haul because jewelry has become my renewed obsession thanks to Instagram and following all the jewelry accounts! If you have one that you love, let me know about it! Now onto the sparkly things! ♥


I got this Labrodite and Amethyst pendant while I was in 
Lake George, NY. I purchased it at a night market and
the vendor didn't give me a card, so I don't know the name
of the shop. That flash is awesome!!

Again, I got this in Lake George, from a shop called 
Enrico's Jewelers. He put it in the setting and it was ready 
in an hour! Excellent service and such a beautiful opal!

This beautiful Amethyst Druzy and Herkimer Diamond necklace
is from Karina Grace Jewelry. I've been wanted a piece with 
Herkimer Diamonds for a while and this is just perfect. 
I love it so much!

These Sapphire and Leaf earrings are from IHANA. They're super cute
and I don't really have anything with Sapphire. These are also
available with different stones. The Hemera pendant is from
Fox and the Fawn. I love almost all her jewelry. A lot of it 
is petite, cute jewelry but it's all beautiful.

This has been my favorite ring stack for the past month. I've had
the copper heart ring from IHANA for a while. The Rose and The Knot
Rings are from Fox and the Fawn. I adore all these rings!

I've wanted this Solar System Necklace from ThinkGeek for about
2 years now. I kept putting it off because I didn't want to pay
shipping and I finally saw it in the store in Albany last week
and I was like YES! IT'LL FINALLY BE MINE!

Cute little Harry Potter Snitch from Kohls.

Estella Bartlett Heart Bracelet Duo that I got from duty free
on the flight back over to the UK.

I love these Myst Earrings from Enclave Gems & Co
The setting is so unusual, I don't have anything else like them.
Almost all their jewelry is pictured and listed as yellow gold 
but when placing the order, you can ask for the piece to be
made in sterling silver.

My Neighbor Totoro earring set from Hot Topic.

Witch Hat and Legs from Kohls. I got these for my niece but 
I don't know if she'll like them or not. If not, I'll keep them for me!

Shop, Facebook and Instagram Links:

Instagram: @enclavegems

Enrico's Jewelers

Instagram: @estellabartlett

Instagram: @foxand.thefawn

Instgram: @ihanajewelry

Instagram: @karinagracejewelry

Friday 2 December 2016

Indie Spotlight: Paint Box Polish

I'm going to be participating in an Indie Spotlight, which will be a monthly post showing some love for favorite indie brands. This month, we're featuring Paint Box Polish. Pam makes some of my favorite polishes ever. I LOVE her holographic glitters! They have the best and longest lasting formula around. I also really, really love her cuticle oil brush pens! With this post, I'll show you a polish I haven't posted previously and some of my favorite manicures I've done with PBP.

Haleiwa Town

Waimea Waters with a matte top coat

Winter Is Coming with squiggly swirls

 Urban Decay Cosmetics Mrs Mia Wallace with The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors,
 Much More Muchier (Dracarys is pretty much the same color), Gold Shall Be Their Crowns, 
A Dragon Is Not A Slave & Poppin Bubbles

Fizzing Whizbees, Acid Pops, Sugar Spun Quills and The Knight Bus with a matte top coat

Much More Muchier

A Dragon Is Not a Slave

Much More Muchier, A Dragon Is Not A Slave, 
Fight the Fairies and Love's Keen Sting with matte top coat

The Westerosi Collection and then put a thick coat of
 Illamasqua Boosh over that and engraved some imprecise lines

The Westerosi Collection.

Friday 4 November 2016

Indie Spotlight: 6 Harts Polish

I'm going to be participating in an Indie Spotlight, which will be a montlhy post showing some love for favorite indie brands. This month, we're featuring 6 Harts Polish. I've known Courtney for a while now and she's the nicest person around! When I lost both of my grandfathers in the space for 28 days, she made me a custom polish called A Grandparent's Love. It was one of the sweetest things to do for me while I was grieving.

A Grandparent's Love.

Blow Me... A Raspberry 2, Carnal Intent 
and A Grandparent's Love.
(By far my favorite mani with 6 Harts Polishes!)

I'd highly recommend any and all of her polishes. I actually see some in the shop now that I'm eager to try! 

Thursday 28 April 2016

Spring Haul 2016

Long time no blog post! Just in case you didn't know, I'm mostly posting on Facebook and Instagram and not really doing too many blog posts. But I just got a package in the mail yesterday from Ashley over at Ashley is PolishAddicted and I was so excited about it, I thought I'd post! Sometimes Ashley collects a bunch of orders for me and sends them over to save on the shipping (postage prices for packages to the UK start at around $10!).

*click to enlarge!*

Bunny Paige Mini Paved Heart in Intergalactic.
I couldn't capture how beautiful this is.
It's definitely more purple than this picture shows. 

Nuff Nuff Toys Felt Totoros!

Nuff Nuff Toys Dia de los Muertos Axolotl.

Little Lazies Cupig the Lovehog and Easter Puggy!

Fossil Vintage Glitz Linear Dot Drop Earrings and Five Bar Necklace.

Paint Box Polish Fight the Fairies, The Leaky Cauldron, Love's Keen Sting
and some mani fizzies. 

Serum No 5 Single's Awareness Day, Lacquer Lust Unloved Unicorn,
Cirque Colors Karma Sutra and Takko Lacquer Kitsch.

Sea Lore Polish Amusing Andrina and Cherry Cordial Coast.

Hourglass Icon and Maybelline Color Tattoo Seashore Frosts.
This eyeshadow is my go-to eyeshadow and I'm nearly out 
and this was LE, so I ordered three :)

Being an American in the UK, I miss some weird things :D

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Purple For Angie with Girly Bits Purple Potion and Sally Hansen Deep Purple

After not posting on here since March, I have a very special post for Epilepsy Awareness Month that is dedicated to Angie. Every day she kicks epilepsy's ass. She's one of the strongest people that you'll ever meet and she's only 13 years old. She's an amazing young lady and she never complains about her multitude of seizures that she has daily.  Here is Angie:

You can just tell by that picture that she's super sassy! :)

For this mani, I used Girly Bits Purple Potion over Sally Hansen Deep Purple. I'm a little late to posting today but I'll try to share all the other posts over on my Facebook page or try searching for the tag #PurpleForAngie. 

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Small Wicked Weekend Haul

It's the 3rd of March and it's time for my first post of the year! YAY! Today I have a small haul post for you. On Friday, I went to see Wicked in London with my sister-in-law, my niece, a friend of my niece and her mother. Wicked was awesome! And I was proud of myself for not getting lost in London because I have zero sense of direction and find train and tube stations really confusing. On Saturday, we went to Bluewater shopping centre. Which was very different to the way I normally shop because this involved two 8 year old girls and they don't really want to go into the same stores I do :)

*click to enlarge!*

The stage. With the Time Dragon and a map of Oz.

Took these on my wander around before the show.

Westminster Cathedral.

Dragon on a pillar at Bluewater.

I loved this statue and dome!

On Thursday, I posted this on my page.
It's Deborah Lippmann One Short Day.

Here's a close up of the necklace from Dusty Pixie Designs.

Programme from the show.

An Oz keychain without the chain.

Glinda's bubble necklace!

Toothless from Build-a-Bear!!

Some headbands from Claire's Accessories.
Kinda disappointed with the top headband that already looks
crappy and I've only worn it for less than an hour.

These last couple of things I received in the mail this weekend.

Kate Spade bag that I got off ebay.

Pahlish Bespoke Batch Boo Give Love! and Midnight at the Majestic.

Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week! I'll try to post a little more often but there's no telling what's going to happen ♥